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Arkansas Aerials LLC: 4K aerial video and photography from Little Rock Arkansas

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In the past, aerial video was an expensive and complicated undertaking costing a small fortune in crew and aircraft fees. Arkansas Aerials LLC has simplified this process with a affordable custom radio controlled solution. Give us a call or email today to find out how we can add value to your next event, promotion, or advertising campaign!


Today, the market is flooded with cheep GoPro multi-rotor systems and amateur RC pilots. Do not be fooled, hire the professionals and entrust your valued Production with our team. We’re not just radio control, Arkansas Aerials LLC employs a full compliment of ground video equipment and post production services. With striking creative and our avant-garde approach to production we will captivate your viewer!


Our crew has thousands of flight hours and countless years of combined experience in the filed of Television and Media Production. With advances in craft stability and flight times, we bring a perspective to video production not possible with full scale aircraft. We are production, offering Pre-Pro, location filming (ground/aerials), editing/animation, and delivery.


Investment Real Estate

Commercial Ag



Home Improvement


NNN Investments

Historic Preservation

Iconic Architecture

Ag Cooperative

Supply Chain

Disaster Relief


Amusement Park

Commercial Construction

* All footage is processed off site for the best possible quality and end delivery needs. .53 cents per mile is added for locations out side Little Rock and North Little Rock.